• Dr. Aanchal Bhatia

Body and Me

We have talked about how your brain communicates useful information to body to initiate purposeful action. Our bodies have the nervous system that is assembled to provide such communication that allows our body to take an action. P.S. If you haven’t already, check our my last blog on Brain and Me so this will all make much more sense!

Bodies are complicated but understanding the way your body works doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a safety pin for example. Yes, a safety pin!

Imagine the top portion of the safety pin is the brain, and the bottom is the body. The brain initiates a message and sends it down the pin (ie. the nerve) to the body, the body performs the action and then sends the message back up the other side of the pin to the brain. It’s a basic feedback loop, a circuit.

This is good. This is what keeps the body going.

The body needs to communicate with the brain to feed information about the external environment so that the brain can take a specific action. The brain considers all the information sent by the body and constantly determines the best way to adapt your body to new conditions.

But when you get hurt, injured or misaligned i.e. when a spinal segment, specifically a vertebra moves out of alignment and puts pressure on a nerve, the transmission is interfered with, and the safety pin pops open. It becomes disconnected. This interruption or disconnection is called a subluxation.

A “subluxation” is when there are misalignments within our spine that cause nerve tension on our brain and spinal cord. Due to the increased tension on the nerves, they can no longer communicate properly throughout our body.

There are several causes of subluxation that might lead to this disconnect. Mental stress or anxiety; being in a sympathetic mode for a long time can lead our body to release toxins causing the associated muscles to respond by becoming achy, tender or spastic. Poor nutrition, lack of a balanced diet or ingesting too much chemically altered products can disrupt our body’s digestive system.

With this “disconnected” brain-body-connection, all sorts of effects, otherwise known as symptoms appear such as:


Poor health

Frequent illness




Poor health



Poor sleep


Chiropractors are trained in detecting the subluxations or misalignment of the spine and treating the source of the symptom. Removing any obstruction in the spine that is causing a miscommunication between the brain and the body allows the body to restore the signal of communication and therefore work at it’s optimal function.

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