• Dr. Aanchal Bhatia

Brain and Me

Ever found yourself pondering about how does your amazing human body work? How are you physically picking up your cup of coffee and able to drink it? Or how are you able to scroll through your phone at the same time as drinking your coffee? Yeah, me neither.

Let’s talk about how your wonderfully complex and yet simply efficient body works:

Your nervous system is made of three major things:


Your brain is the computer. It stores all the function that allows you to perform an action, feel emotions or remember a memory. Your spinal cord is a long bundle of nerve tissues that extends from the top of your neck to your lower back. The nerves are little branches from the spinal cord that exit the spine at each level and divide over and over again into tiny nerve fibers to go into every organ, tissue and cell.

WOAH. So, you basically have your brain, literally reaching every part of your body to tell it exactly what to do! *Mind blown* Figuratively, of course.

Now such a sensitive and complex system needs to be protected. It needs an armor!

Like Katniss Everdreen in Hunger Games. But unfortunately, unlike the movies, our spine doesn’t get a cool upgrade. We just get the one original spine as our armour and we should take care of it.

The skull protects your bones and the spine protects the spinal cord. The spine is the set of a armor that allows the body to bend and move naturally and therefore provides movement, stability and protection of the central nervous system.

Messages trace from your body to the brain pretty much something like this:

Body: I must throw my arms up in the air and wave them like I just don’t care.

Brain: Looks around for social cues. Understands the importance of this message and all the joys it will bring. Decides to proceed with the action.

So, the brain sends the signal down to the spinal cord to tell the body how exactly how to respond. Your armor (your spine), again with the no ability for upgrades, goes through natural wear and tear. This can be caused gradually due to improper joint mobility or caused suddenly from an injury. It can also be caused during a birthing process. In case you’re wondering if a teeny-tiny human has a tiny spine surrounding its very intricate nervous system that needs to be taken care of to allow optimal growth of the body, you my friend are correct.

Anything that impacts the communication between the brain and the body, whether it’s caused by everyday strains or sudden injury, is considered a dysfunction of the body, which affect the structures, organs, and functions are associated with conditions shown below.

This information is not to be overwhelmed by the body, but to understand how complex (and beautiful) our body is and how it can function in simple ways, i.e how it can affect different parts of the body. And once we understand the body, it’s so much easier to take care of it.

Anybody else loves this bear as much as I do? *Throws arm in the air and waves* 

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